From CZ to HR

As Nic and I started into Poland, the weather started to get rainy and cold.  A quick look at the forecast told us that the foreseeable future looked wet.  Rather than head into the mountains to be damp and cold, we jumped a train down to the capital of Croatia, Zagreb.  It was a full day of travel and a quick stay in a hostel, but as soon as we started riding through the city in the morning we knew we had made the correct decision. Figs, plums, apples, grapes, and pears hanging from trees and vines all across the countryside.  The sunny weather had us in pretty good spirits.

Biking through Zagreb on our first day in HR.

My first fresh fig

Unknowingly descending into our downhill hike a bike.

The first day in Croatia we rode out of the city and into the nearby hills, linking together dirt and pavement, making our way generally towards the coast. The day was ended with a character building downhill hike a bike. We were both glad when we finally got out of the small canyon we had worked our was into.  We hammered down a gravel limestone road until we found a bar.  After several beers we crept off into an abandoned building to find some sleep.

The next day was a big day of pounding pavement, that found us within throwing distance of the route we were aiming for.

67 miles for the day and a nice place to camp in the woods.

Nic down the well, reupping our water supplies

Nic’s Kitchen

A pretty stunning camp. Even if we woke up to rain.

We had a loose plan in mind that we would try to link up with the Adriatic Crest route.  It took us just over 2 days to intersect the route.  Thus far, the route has been phenomenal . Mixed dirt and pavement through mountains and broad valleys.  We have climbed up to 5,200 feet and are currently sitting at 40 feet on a tidally influenced river channel.

Fresh, smokey cheese. Yum.

Nice little shelter to call home for the night.

Riding through the clouds (and apparent mine fields)

Probably just stay on the road here, eh?

Nic getting drifty.

Nic tried to get the boys to jump in with him. No one would.

Over the last several days we have encountered some wet conditions, but it has been warm and thus, not too bad.  I had forgotten what warm rain feels like.  It is not all bad.  We will continue along this route until we reach the end of the route in Split.  From there the plan is less clear, though it is coming together.  We will spend some time in Bosnia and Montenegro on our way towards Albania.  I hope we can find some figs on today’s ride.


  1. Reply
    Barb Johnson September 10, 2017

    Wowza! You are having quite an experience. I’m so glad. The countryside is beautiful. Love the rocky parts and the back roads. It also looks like a lot of elevation changes but I guess that is good exercise. That cheese truck is pretty cool too.
    Thanks for writing this up for all of us to share in your travels.

  2. Reply
    Lucy September 10, 2017

    I look forward to these posts. Thanks for sharing

  3. Reply
    Tiffany September 12, 2017

    Really great photos!! Thank you for taking the time and effort, it’s really appreciated!

  4. Reply
    Mary B September 12, 2017

    Such stunning pictures. Would never imagine of traveling to Croatia but these pictures have convinced me otherwise. Wishing you guys good weather, fun trails, and a safe adventure. Can’t wait to hear more <3

  5. Reply
    Jim Quinlan September 13, 2017

    Wow! Looks like an incredible adventure. Thanks for sharing. You have some great pictures which provide a nice glimpse into a part of the world that I have never seen. Travel safe!

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