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Spring time


Well, since I last posted things have been good.  Erin and I went to Hawaii for our friends Jon and Holly’s wedding, which was a blast.  Erin and I then went over to Kauai for 7 days.  We did some day hiking and a 5 day trip on the Napali Coast.  I will try and get a post up about that sometime here in the near future.

While we were on out hike in Kauai my knee started feeling weak and funny and has become an issue since.  Erin has been getting out a skiing much more than me since I am trying to rest my leg.  I have been out on some mellow bike rides around the neighborhood, which doesn’t seem to really strain the knee.  All and all I think my knee is on the up.

I did make it out one day to to Hatcher Pass last weekend.  Aliza, Hobbs, Erin, and I cruised up toward microdot at around 10:30 on a gorgeous day.


IMG_3288Everyone wearing shorts of some variety signals spring skiing here.


David Hobbs has moved into our place and has been getting after it with us.




We discussed whether we should wait for the sun to corn up the south side or drop into the north side, hoping to snow that wasn’t sun affected. We determined we would dropped in to the north side after deciding that it looked like the snow was soft.  Hobbs dropped in first and made some stellar turns.  He got a bit of hard snow and direct the remaining 3 of us to the powdery side of the slope.






Suns out guns out.  And then we were treated to an instructional session of how to properly take apart your stuck together skins.




We got one run in on some more southerly facing stuff, which turned out to be slightly isothermic that late in the day.  We pointed it to the car for a beer. Knee was feeling alright, but not 100 percent.


IMG_3418In other news, I have turned my fatbike into a hard tail 29er.  So far it rides great!  I was thinking about it for quite a while before I took the dive.  After I was able to ride my friend Nick’s conversion Mukluk around I was sold.  1 frame and 2 bikes?  I’m all about it.  I haven’t had much opportunity to take it on dirt yet, but on pavement and the ride to work it is awesome.

DSC03673Nick, Lael, Hobbs, Erin, and I went for a ride sunday night from Earthquake Park to Kincaid.  We found or way to the beach and got a fire going.  we enjoyed beer and sausages as we watched the sunset. The coastal trail was a little too flat for my 32×18 single speed gearing and I felt a little like I was on a hamster wheel.  Today I have changed to a 16t in the back, which should make my commute a little more efficient.

Scamp came along as well.