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January Melt

Well, the snow is melting.  It paints a pretty dismal picture, looking around Anchorage and the surrounding area right now. For the past 10 or so days we have seen weather predominately above the freezing line. Along with that has come strong winds and rain.  All of the normal ski playgrounds around have terribly high avalanche danger, so there is little to no skiing to be had.


Erin and I went for a hike up South Fork on Saturday because we had reasoned that there wouldn’t even be enough snow to ski along the trail.  We were right.  The trail is hard pack and ice.  We were able to hike mostly tundra up to the ridge line.  It is amazing how much has melted.  We were however, greeted by the sun and some good views.





As I write this at 6:00am it is 39 degrees outside.  I sure hope that it freezes soon, and subsequently decides to dump a biblical amount of snow.  We have been trying to fill our time with other activities.  We have brewed (or taken part in brewing) 2 beers in the last 2 weeks.  We have a mead that we will be bottling this week or the next.  We have been baking bread and playing music.  Trying to keep the stoke high when the weather sucks.  Until next time.


Once we get snow again.

There’ll be some things to do.


Rain is in the forecast for the weekend and it’ been raining all day.  It is likely that it will put a big damper on any sort of skiing this weekend.  Can’t change the weather.

I got  new lens for christmas and  have been waiting to get outside with it.  The low hours of light combined with the funky and cloudy weather we have been having has kept me from getting much of a chance.  I finally just busted it out in the house last night a messed around.  Erin and Scamp were my subjects.



 Scamp being her usual brand of awkward


After the rain stopped this evening the sky was really beautiful.  Could have gotten a better shot from a higher vantage, but then I would have been hiking in the rain.