Monthly Archives: November 2013

Early Season Hatch

Hatcher Pass came in in full effect 2 weeks ago, dumping 37 inches overnight.  We got out about a week after all the action to discover that the wind as well as some rain/mist had already worked their way with the new 3 feet of snow.


Snow conditions were lacking, but the weather was superb.  We opted to take a long tour up to a bowl we had never been to.  Scamp struggled when we left the well packed skin track,  having to swing through the snow.  We were able to ski a few short runs.





Breakable crust made the descending interesting, but did not stop us from trying.

A short week on Kodiak

I have just returned for a week working on Kodiak.  Because I was working I wasn’t able to take a tone of photos, but here are a couple that turned out alright.  I also forgot all but my 50mm lens, which limited me a bit, but overall is probably good for me.  The 50mm is a fixed lens that does not allow any zoom and forces you to move to get your shot.





I am still working on the site.  I am having trouble with the mobile site…I would just disable it if I knew how.

First ski of 2013

Erin, Scamp and I went for a ski this morning up in Hatcher Pass.  It was the first of the season for me.  The light was flat, so picture taking didn’t turn out many good ones.  Here is one though.



New Site

I am working my way through developing this new site to host my blog and photographs.  It is a learning experience for me, and is coming along slower than I would like.  It is now up and running in some sort of capacity, but not the full capacity that I have in mind.  I hope and/or plan to write and post at least a picture once a week.  Hold me to it.


Here is a picture of me and Josh at the arctic circle on our caribou hunting trip about a month ago.